Tooth Colored Fillings: A Seamlessly Gorgeous Smile with the Help of Our Colts Neck, NJ Cosmetic Dentist

While most of us would prefer a clean bill of health after a dental examination, it’s a fact of life that some of us wind up with cavities in our adult teeth. In the past, silver fillings were the most popular but one of the problems with this was that they were done in such a way that many of us who had fillings in our teens found that in their twenties or thirties those fillings began to chip, or fall out. Having fillings re-done when they wear down is one reason patients seek our help, wanting those fillings replaced with tooth colored fillings. For others, knowledge about not only the fact that amalgam fillings can carry toxicity due to mercury content is coupled with the fact that silver fillings don’t look nearly as attractive as white fillings. Many people are interested in restoring their smile with white / tooth-colored fillings.

Replace Amalgam Fillings at NJ Smile Center in Colts Neck, NJ

If you are interested in restoring the look of your smile with seamless white fillings, Dr. Vocaturo can safely remove old amalgam fillings and will use bio-friendly composite bonding material to fill your teeth.

New White Fillings: Better Looking and More Conservative

If you are in need of a dental filling, today’s methods mean less of the tooth gets drilled away. In fact, we leverage laser dentistry here at our Colts Neck, NJ dental office so you won’t have to listen to drills or endure needles to numb before a filling. Laser dentistry makes it quick and easy to eliminate only the decay, rather than practically hollowing out the tooth to make room for a silver filling. The bonding material used is blended perfectly to match your teeth so that your fillings are virtually invisible.

Dr. Anthony Vocaturo: Preventative and Cosmetic Dentistry

We want you to have a beautiful, functional, pain-free smile you can be proud of. Tooth colored fillings and other efforts are taken to help you have a smile you feel confident in. Whether you need a filling, want to replace old silver fillings with tooth colored fillings, or are interested in other aspects of smile improvements or smile makeovers, book an appointment for a dental exam and / or smile assessment by calling our office at 732.677.2777. We would be happy to help you explore tooth colored restorations.

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