Dental Implants: A True Smile Transformation Available from NJ Smile Center in Colts Neck, NJ

Dental implants replace missing teeth, offering you results that no set of dentures or other teeth replacement options can come close to doing. They behave exactly as your natural teeth do, only they won’t decay. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or you could replace every single tooth in your mouth with them if you wish. Dr. Anthony J. Vocaturo, NJ cosmetic dentist, has an excellent track record of success with patients who have chosen to use dental implants to replace a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

More Information and Dental Implant Benefits:

Osseo integration means that a titanium post will fuse to the jaw bone, making it behave much like a natural tooth root. A customized crown is placed on top of an abutment so that the dental implant fits seamlessly into your smile, significantly improving the look of that smile. Dr. Vocaturo can also help with tooth extractions, if necessary.
If the tooth is already gone, it’s important to seek tooth replacement options as soon as possible as bone loss in the jaw could mean that you may require a bone graft before being considered for dental implants candidacy.
Dental implants sit permanently in place, requiring no adhesives or wires and they are as easy to care for as your natural teeth. They don’t slip, slide, make clicking noises when you speak, and you can’t get caught without your teeth in because they are permanently affixed in place. You don’t have to limit the foods you eat either because you don’t have the teeth to chew them or because you’re worried about the hassle of cleaning them afterwards (such as with dentures). Dental implants are truly a fantastic solution for many people. They also help you retain adequate jaw bone, which is a big concern for those who have missing teeth. In terms of finances, they can be more of an investment than dentures but because they can last indefinitely you won’t be worry about replacing or relining dentures every few years.

Avoiding Dental Implant Failure

Dental implants are not right for everyone and in order to maximize their success, patients need to follow Dr. Vocaturo’s recommendations to the letter with respect to hygiene during the healing period as well as avoiding tobacco products. Dental implant failure is rare for patients of Dr. Vocaturo.

Dental Implant Restoration and Repair

Dental implants often last a lifetime but like any other dental work, are susceptible to the potential for repair, should a dental crown crack or chip or should it become loose. Dr. Vocaturo can help with dental implant repairs and restorations of dental implants as well as place new implants in patients who have never had them before.

Dr. Anthony Vocaturo: An Excellent Track Record in Dental Implants

We want you to have the best smile you can have and for you to feel comfortable about sharing that smile with the world around you. If you want to find out more about dental implants or implants restorations and repairs, contact our Colts Neck, NJ dental office at 732.677.2777 to book a dental consultation. No-obligation consultations can help you learn more about whether or not you are a good candidate, help you find out about dental implant costs, financing options, and about our cosmetic dentistry practice in general. If you are not a good candidate for dental implants, we can also help you explore alternatives, such as high-quality modern dentures.

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