How We Use Laser Dentistry in Our Colts Neck, NJ Dental Office

Laser dentistry involves cutting edge versatile dental technology that Dr. Anthony Vocaturo and his Colts Neck, NJ dental team use in a number of ways in both cosmetic dentistry as well as preventative dentistry and it can mean faster and more efficient exacting dental procedures as well as options that would have traditionally required scalpels and sutures and much longer recovery time.

Dentistry without Drills or Needles

Laser dentistry eliminates drills and needles to numb areas for a variety of dental procedures. It can help with many different cosmetic dentistry procedures as well as be used in fighting gum disease, removing tooth decay and bacteria in the mouth, in shaping the gums with gum contouring, in eliminating lesions in the mouth, and more.
Not only does laser dentistry mean a more comfortable time in the dental chair for the patient but it also eliminates a lot of the stress and anxiety many patients associate with time spent in the dentist’s chair due to sights and sounds associated with the older methods of performing dental work.

Other Reasons to Choose NJ Smile Center in Colts Neck, NJ for Dentistry

Investing in ongoing education as well as emerging proven dental technology is something Dr. Vocaturo firmly believes in. In addition to laser dentistry and other leading edge dental technology, the dental team at NJ Smile Center in Colts Neck, NJ goes to great lengths to make every patient feels at ease during dental appointments.
Do not hesitate to tell our staff if you experience dental anxiety so that we can strive to help eliminate any stress or triggers and put you completely at ease while we help you optimize your smile and your oral health. Contact our office at 732.677.2777 to book a dental consultation. We leverage laser dentistry in a number of cosmetic dental as well as preventative dentistry areas and continually invest in ways to make every visit to the dentist pleasant, minimally invasive, and anxiety free.

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