TMJ Help Available in Colts Neck, NJ at NJ Smile Center

TMJ, also known as TMD, involves the temporomandibular joint and while this condition can be due to a variety of factors there are also a variety of options available to help.

If you want to stop TMJ pain and symptoms, book an appointment with Dr. Anthony Vocaturo at NJ Smile Center in Colts Neck, NJ for a personalized consultation where Dr. Vocaturo can examine your bite alignment, your jaw, and help you determine whether dental work, jaw exercises, or neuromuscular dentistry treatment options could help you stop TMJ from impacting your quality of life.

Signs of TMJ Disorder

Below are some of the most common TMJ symptoms:

  • Jaw pain
  • Ear pain / ringing in the ears
  • Migraines
  • Back aches
  • Neck pain
  • Jaw locking
  • Jaw clicking

TMJ is most often found when patients complain of jaw clicking and radiating jaw pain. It can also cause headaches and pain in the necks and back as well. Unfortunately, stress is a big trigger for TMJ and it can be an unhealthy cycle of clenching, that leads to TMJ pain, that leads to further clenching of the jaw and muscles in the neck and back. Some patients who experience jaw pain and clicking and receive treatment for TMJ notice that it clears up headaches as well as muscle pains that they never knew were related to their jaw’s alignment.

Get Help for TMJ Pain with Treatment from NJ Smile Center in Colts Neck, NJ

Dr. Anthony Vocaturo and the Colts Neck, NJ dental team at NJ Smile Center can offer you personalized treatment plans to combat TMJ pain and symptoms. For some, the pain comes due to problems with the alignment of their bite, which may be corrected through dental work. Some patients with TMJ benefit from using a night guard, customized for optimal bite, to stop jaw clenching during the night. Some of our patients find that a combination of anti-inflammatory medications and jaw exercises keep TMJ symptoms at bay.

Other elements of neuromuscular dentistry to find the optimal jaw position can be used and occasionally surgery is recommended for patients with TMJ. Dr. Vocaturo personalizes treatment for each and every patient based on the individual patient’s needs. There’s no reason to let TMJ continually plague your life.
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